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Behind the Scenes

Steve Duprey has been directing theatre for over 40 years. During the COVID pandemic, he found himself with some time on his hands (as everyone else did). Since he'd been directing theatre for so long, and knew what a good play looked and sounded like, he decided it was about time for him to start writing. And so he did!

My Plays (so far)

Below are the plays that are ready for production. Click on the picture for more information about each play.

When four college friends, now in their sixties, discover that one of them has been “gifted” with an abandoned baby, they try to figure out what’s next; for the mother, for the baby, and for the four of them. Utilizing the often ignored “older woman” demographic, the play examines the themes of lasting friendships, older female empowerment and the current adoption system. It is a character-driven comedy with some bawdy language and an interesting twist at the end.

Serious Look

A collection of six short plays all centered on the theme of Forgiveness and Redemption. Can a daughter forgive her father for his infidelity? Can a Son forgive his newly discovered father for abandoning him fourteen years ago? Can a young boy turned older man forgive the priest who abused him? Are any of these people redeemable?

Teacher and Pupil_edited.jpg

What happens when an attempt at revenge goes horribly wrong? Don't be fooled by the picture. Teachers can go off the rails as easily as anyone.


This play is still in process but should be ready for review soon!

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